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(A)pollonia: A photographic essay


Krzysztof Warlikowski Nowy Teatr (A)pollonia Stefan Okołowicz Magdalena Cielecka Jacek Poniedziałek Hanna Krall Aeschylus Hans Christian Andersen Andrzej Czajkowski J. M. Coetzee Euripides Jonathan Littell Marcin Świetlicki Rabindranath Tagore The Kindly Ones Alcestis Elizabeth Costello Piotr Gruszczyński Maciej Stuhr Maja Ostaszewska Renate Jett Paweł Mykietyn acting directing ensemble Second World War Holocaust memory collective creation Peter Brook rehearsals Magdalena Popławska Iphigenia devising audience Polish identity Polish theatre Polish Jewish culture


Krzysztof Warlikowski is a founder and Artistic Director of the Nowy Teatr (New Theatre) in Warsaw and among the foremost European performance practitioners working today. He has directed more than fifty theatre and opera productions in Poland and internationally, including in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Israel. Early in his career, Warlikowski was an assistant to Krystian Lupa and to Peter Brook, and he also trained with Ingmar Bergman and Giorgio Strehler, before becoming a directing associate and regular collaborator of TR Warszawa, where his work received widespread critical acclaim. In 2008, along with a group of his long-term collaborators, he co-founded the independent Nowy Teatr, which presented its inaugural production (A)pollonia in 2009. For further biographical and career information and source materials, see ‘Krzysztof Warlikowski: Chronology of life and work’.

Stefan Okołowicz graduated from the Department of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1975. As a professional photographer, his work focuses on the documentation of contemporary Polish theatre performances. He is also interested in the history of photography, particularly the photographic experiments of Stanisław I. Witkiewicz (Witkacy); he has developed an extensive collection of Witkacy’s works, which were published in the album Przeciw nicości (Against Nothingness, edited with Ewa Franczak,1986), and gathered together in an exhibition of Witkacy’s photography entitled Psychoholizm (Kraków and Wrocław, 2009-2010).

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