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Launch of the Theatre, Dance and Performance Training Journal blog


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We’re delighted to launch the Theatre, Dance and Performance Training Journal blog! We have been developing the site for a number of months and we hope that this online presence will encourage a growing community of artists, academics, practitioners, and researchers to share practice and debate issues that are currently alive within the disciplines of theatre, dance and performance training.

We aim to engage a new audience for the TDPT journal while also creating an online space that encourages spontaneous and productive conversation and debate. We also hope that on gaining momentum, the blog should represent a very productive and discursive teaching ‘tool’ – or forum – within all levels of education and training preoccupied with dance, performance and theatre.

Please explore the site – “The Studio” space is specifically designed for sharing of audiovisual training materials while our “Comeback” section invites previous contributors to return or “comeback” to an idea they discussed in a TDPT journal article while also inviting new contributors to “comeback” or respond to an idea. The “Home” blog page we hope will hold any other contributions that people wish to offer – please share the blog link with anyone you feel may find it useful as we hope to develop an engaged and active community over the coming months and years.

We hope you enjoy the blog and many thanks to the artists, academics, and practitioners who have contributed their work to the very first online launch; we appreciate your willingness to be at the forefront of the TDPT’s digital emergence. We will be posting material throughout the coming weeks and months so please do follow us on the blog and social media for regular updates.