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OPeRe (Open Performance Resource) is a new international publishing platform launched by the Grotowski Institute (Wrocław, Poland) and realized by TAPAC (London, UK), with a growing network of partners and collaborators.

The project makes available free content and tools relating to theatre and performance, in multiple languages, as well as selected print titles for purchase.

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Key Features

OPeRe offers a range of original, in-house performance publications to view or buy online, including books, articles, and films in English and in Polish.

The platform also gathers and indexes a wide variety of Open Access works from established and independent publishers, abstracts from international books and journals, news, event information, archival materials, and participation opportunities from around the world, to help people find what they need, in one place.

Our aim is to provide an accessible community resource that enables visitors to discover, view, and work with content and data on many different topics connected with performance.


Open (O)

OPeRe is built with openness in mind. Most content can be viewed freely, in Open Access, under Creative Commons (CC) licences. Users and web discovery services can further access each work as linked open data (LOD) and browse key information about it in up to five languages.

The platform has been designed to meet a high standard of web accessibility (WCAG 2.1 level AA), so that everyone can navigate these pages according to their own needs and preferences.

Performance (Pe)

Our understanding of ‘performance’ is broad, spanning diverse ways of thinking about performance, performing, performativity, and related concepts and practices.

We especially welcome content that seeks to bridge communities, leading to shared exploration of perspectives across linguistic, cultural, and disciplinary borders.


Resource (Re)

In keeping with the core programme lines of the Grotowski Institute and its partners, OPeRe encompasses an array of creative and investigative approaches to performance, spanning embodied practice, research, translation, documentation, and education.

The platform hosts introductory, critical, and primary source materials, offering a mixed-media, cross-cultural resource for anyone interested in exploring this expansive field of activity.

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OPeRe is managed by an international editorial team of volunteers. We’ll be widening participation and opening new collaboration opportunities throughout 2020. If you’d like to contribute to the project or suggest material for inclusion or indexing, you can discover more details on our About pages or get in touch directly by email at hello[at]

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