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The OPeRe (Open Performance Research) Platform is a new digital initiative launched by the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław, Poland, and realized with an international network of partners and collaborators.

The project makes available community tools and resources relating to theatre, drama, and performance in various languages, mainly via Open Access and Open Data licences.

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OPeRe gathers together a wide range of publications, including books, journals, and films by the Grotowski Institute and its partner organizations, and nonprofit and Open Access titles from around the world. Visitors can browse, view, and download content and data covering diverse topics connected with performance.

The platform also enables registered users to share their own activity, get translation help, and find new collaborators and projects, using multilingual publishing and discovery tools supported by semantic web technology and open data standards.


Openness (O)

OPeRe is designed with openness and accessibility in mind. We encourage the use of open rights statements and licenses where possible, and all data records on the platform are made publicly available as linked open data (in JSON-LD format) using the model, to help direct readers to each other’s work.

The website has been created to meet the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1), so that all users can explore the resources on the platform and create widely accessible content.

Performance (Pe)

Our understanding of ‘performance’ is broad and we welcome a diverse array of perspectives relating to human and nonhuman performance across many different cultures and contexts.

The platform hosts content that seeks to explore the intersections between communities of practice, leading to shared understanding and recognition of performance work taking place in various locales.


Research (Re)

In keeping with the Grotowski Institute’s programme lines, we envisage research as encompassing scholarly, spectatorly, and first-person embodied forms of enquiry.

The platform will host the activities of several working groups and support numerous research events, leading to the sharing of mixed-media materials connected with performance, training, and scholarship.

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